Winter 1963

BookScanCenter_5Volume 2:3

Mediator Between the Church and Secular Learning
David J. Hassel, S.J.

Fifty Years Towards Breviary Reform
Edmund J. Siedlecki

Contemporary Catechetics: A Third Phase?
Johannes Hofinger, S.J.

The Aggiornamento of the Code of Canon Law
Edward J. Stokes, S.J.

The Chicago Story
Dennis J. Geaney, O.S.A.

One Flock and Many Shepherds
Charles Boyer, S.J.

Polarity in Certain Existentialists
John P. McFarland, S.J.

Operation Understanding
Thomas J. Murphy

Reactions to Operation Understanding
Harold R. Wimmer

Convert Approaches to the Negro
Anthony J. Vader

Andrew M. Greeley