Winter 2003

Volume 42:3

Native American Catholic Experience

Editor’s Corner
Leo D. Lefebure

The Native American Catholic Experience: An Interpretation
Carl Starkoff, SJ

American lndian Women and the Power of Myth
Marie Iherese Archambault

Principles of lnculturation and the Practice of Catholicism among the Lakota people of South Dakota
Raymond Bucko, SJ, and John Hatcher, SJ

Conditions in the Exile: Sorne Reflections onthe Urban Experience of Native American Catholics
V. Paul Ojibway, SA

Sorne Philosophical Windows on Native American Spiritualities
Judith M. Green

Creation, Emergence, Flute Clan Origin and Powamu: Four Excerpts from What They Have Told Us
Stephen Lefebure

Islam and Modernity
Leo D. Lefebure

Understanding Two Para bles about Prayer (Luke 11:5-8; 18:1-8)
John J. Kilgallen, SJ