Spring 2004

Volume 43:1

Human Suffering as a Theological and Pastoral Dilemma

Editor’s Corner
Lawrence R. Hennessey43-1

Redemptive Suffering and Its Place in the Spiritual Life
Patrick J. Boyle, S.J.

Dying and Rising with Jesus: The Paschal Pattern in the Gospel of Mark (Mk 1:1-8:26)
John G. Lodge

Martyrs: Icons of Christ the Suffering Servant, Icons of Suffering Christians
Michael J. K. Fuller

The Grandfather and the Voice from the Whirlwind: A Meditation on Preaching and the Problem of Suffering
Robert E. Barron

Comfort My People: Theological and Pastoral Reflections on the Care of the Sick and Dying
Michael P. Alstrom

Among You as One Who Serves: The Multiplication of the Loaves and the Last Supper
Angela M. Hibbard

The Most Important Lessons I Learned from Baseball
James R. Kurzynski