Winter 2005

Volume 44:3

Dei Verbum at Forty: Praying, Preaching, Reflecting and Studying the Word of God

Editor’s Corner
Lawrence R. Hennessey44-3

Dei Verbum on Scripture and Tradition Forty Years Later
John G. Lodge

Martha and Mary: the Everlasting Saga
Mary E. Penrose, O.S.B.

Preaching Too Important to be Left to Preachers?
Robrt S. Rivers, C.S.P.

Life in Jesus Christ: Two Exegetical Reflections
John J. Kilgallen, S.J.

To Edify the People of God: A New (Old) Method of Reading Medieval Haigiography
Michael J. K. Fuller

The Chester and Margaret Paluch Lecture:
Jesus as God’s Agent in the Fourth Gospel: Implications for Christology, Ecclesiology, and Mission.
James P. McIlhone

Did the Three-fold Ministry Pre-date the New Testament? A Response to James McIlhone’s Jesus as God’s Agent in the Fourth Gospel.
Thomas A. Baima