Spring 2007

Volume 46:1

Can You Tell Me What a Parish Is?
Legal, Canonical, Pastoral, and Theological Contributions Toward a Response 

Editor’s Corner
Lawrence R. Hennessey46-1

Can You Tell Me What a Parish Is?
Michael Sweeney, O.P.

The Parish in the Mission of the Church
Francis Cardinal George, O.M.I.

The Status of the Parish in the 1983 Code of Canon Law
Joseph Fox, O.P.

The Difficulties Faced by the Parish: Some Solutions
A Response to Joseph Fox, O.P.
Roch Page

Constitutional Reflections on the Parish:
An Entity in the Fabric of the Church
Mark E. Chopko

Our Structural Constitution:
Religious Freedom and Church Autonomy
A Response to Mark Chopko
Richard W. Garnett