Spring 2008

Volume 47:1

The Catholic-Muslim Dialogue: Reflections and Perspectives

Editor’s Corner
Lawrence R. Hennesseyspring_2008

Revelation: Catholic and Muslim Perspectives
The Document and Recent Responses
Francis V. Tiso

Prophecy and Prophets as Instruments of Divine Revelation
Sayed Moustafa al-Qazwini

Inspiration and Inerrancy in Scripture
Ralph Del Colle

Christian Theological Responses to Islam
Leo D. Lefebure

Sustaining and Strengthening Interreligious Dialogue
Denis J. Madden

Solidarity: A Dialogical Path Toward Roman Catholic/Muslim Reconciliation
Raymond J. Webb

The Future of Muslim/Catholic Dialogue in America:
A Conversation
Louay Safi and Francis V. Tiso

The Catholic Church in the United States and Racism
Martin A. Zielinski

Teacher, Do you not care? Mark 4:35-41
John Kilgallen, S.J.