Spring 2009

Volume 48:1

What’s Past is Prologue:
A Celebration in Honor of ather George J. Dyer

Editor’s Corner
Lawrence R. Hennesseyspring_2009

George J. Dyer: What’s Past is Prologue
Agnes Cunningham, S.S.C.M.

The Unbaptized Infant in Eternity
George J. Dyer

The Need for Salvation: A Pastoral Perspective
George J. Dyer

Theology and Pastoral Life: 1961 and 2001
George J. Dyer

That “M” Word
George J. Dyer

Magisterium and Conscience: Living as Faithful and Responsible Catholics
Vincent J. Genovesi, S.J.

There is Something in the Breathing Together of the Pastors and the Faithful Which is Not in the Pastors Alone: The Normative Significance of the Sensus Fidei
Marc DelMonico