Winter 2010

Volume 49:3

The Bible and the Human Person, with Special Reference to the Declarationwinter_2010
Dignitatis Humanae

Editor’s Corner
Lawerence R. Hennessey

What Are Human Beings that You Are Mindful of Them? (Psalm 8:4): What It Means to Be Human in the Old Testament

I Am My Beloved’s (Song of Songs 7:10): The Glory of Being Human in the Old Testament

Religious Freedom and the Human Person: Old Testament Perspectives on Dignitatis Humanae

The Anthropological Dimension of St. Paul’s Ministry

John Courtney Murray’s Defense of Religious Liberty

Giving Retreats: From Spiritual Foundationto Last Minute Details

What’s All the Fuss About?: The Over- Zealousness of Celebrating Eucharistic
Adoration Apart from the Sunday Assembly

The Landowner Pays His Laborers — Who Are These Laborers in Real Life?