Winter 2011

Volume 50:3

The Bible and the Liturgy: A Richer Share in the Word of God

CSWinter2011 coverEditor’s Corner
Lawrence R. Hennessey

“A Richer Share in God’s Word”: The Biblical Vision of Sacrosanctum Concilium and Its Implementation in the Post-Conciliar Liturgical Reform
Ronald Kunkel

A Richer Share in the Word of God: The Biblical Narrative of the Mass
Douglas Martis

God Among the Gods: Some Thoughts on Psalm 115 in Israel’s Worship
Robert Schoenstene

All My Being Praise the Lord: Bodies, Minds, and Hearts at Prayer in Scripture and Practice
Mary Katharine Deeley

When Local Preaching Becomes Universal: Protecting the Gospels from Anti-Judaism
George M. Smiga

Liturgical Preaching: Focus on the Lectionary
Dianne Bergant, C.S.A.

The Feast of Easter: Luke Chapter 24
John Kilgallen, S.J.