About Us

For over 50 years, Chicago Studies has helped priests, deacons and ministers meet pastoral challenges.

More than 50 years ago, a group of pastors and teachers got together. Their hope was to produce a journal that would serve as an aid to understanding the Church’s teaching and how it applies to the current times. That purpose has never changedMain Chapel.

Then, the challenge was to explore the teachings and insights of the recently opened Second Vatican Council. Now, the challenge is how to explore the Church’s teachings and tradition in light of the New Evangelization, something we believe our 50 years of experience has prepared us to do well.

As Cardinal Meyer noted in the very first issue of Chicago Studies, study and the knowledge of the sacred sciences can never be seen as a luxury reserved for tranquil moments; no, it is indispensable to the effectiveness of all ministerial work. And so, Chicago Studies is designed to help promote that study by being your ‘one stop shop’ for ongoing theological education.

CHICAGO STUDIES is a Peer Reviewed Journal published twice a year by the Civitas Dei Foundation in collaboration with the Faculty of St. Mary of the Lake/ Mundelein Seminary.  Each issue revolves around a theme, but often has additional, non-theme related, articles in each issue.

The editorial board is formed out of the Faculty of the University of St. Mary of the Lake/ Mundelein Seminary.