Winter 2015, Vol. 54:3
American Causes
Fall 2015, Vol. 54:2
Forming Intentional Disciples
Spring 2015, Vol. 54:1
In Memoriam Edward T. Oakes, SJ


Winter 2014, Vol. 53:3
A Look at American Catholic Generations
Summer 2014, Vol. 53:2
Insights for the West from Eastern Christianity
Spring 2014, Vol. 53:1
The Ministry of the Bishop in the 21st Century


Winter 2013, Vol. 52:3
Hard Sayings of the Bible
Summer 2013, Vol. 52:2
Living the Universal Call to Holiness
Spring 2013, Vol. 52:1
What is the New Evangelization?


Winter 2012, Vol. 51:3
The Bible: Archaeology, Prayer, and the Parish
Summer 2012, Vol.51:2
The Church and the Modern World: Science and Religion in Guadium Et Spes
Spring 2012, Vol.51:1
The Radicality of Christian Hope: Theological and Biblical Perspectives


Fall/ Winter 2011, Vol. 50:3
The Bible and the Liturgy: A Richer Share in the Word of God
Summer 2011, Vol. 50:2
The Reception of Lumen Gentium, the Constitution on the Church
Spring 2011, Vol. 50:1
In the Public Square: Catholics and Muslims on Religious Freedom and the Nature of the Human Person


Fall/Winter 2010, Vol. 49:3
The Bible and the Human Person, with Special Reference to the Declaration,
 Dignitatis Humanae
Summer 2010, Vol. 49:2        
Sacrosanctum Concilium and Liturgical Reform after Vatican II
Spring 2010, Vol. 49:1
Gaudium et Spes and the Biblical Roots of Social Justice


Fall/Winter 2009, Vol. 48:3
Liturgy, Justice and Social Reconstruction
Summer 2009, Vol. 48:2
Approaching Vatican II through Albert Cardinal Meyer
Spring 2009, Vol. 48:1
What’s Past is Prologue: 
A Celebration in Honor of Father George J. Dyer


Fall/Winter 2008, Vol. 47:3
Reading Scripture in the Church
Summer 2008, Vol. 47:2
The Theological Contribution of Cardinal Avery Dulles, SJ
Spring 2008, Vol. 47:1
The Catholic-Muslim Dialogue: Reflections and Perspectives


Fall/Winter 2007, Vol. 46:3
The Right Reverend N. T. Wright, Bishop of Durham, Church of England
Summer 2007, Vol. 46:2            
Can You Tell Me What A Parish Is? Legal, Canonical, Pastoral and Theological Contributions Toward a Response, Part II
Spring 2007, Vol. 46:1               
Can You Tell Me What A Parish Is? Legal, Canonical, Pastoral and Theological Contributions Toward a Response, Part I


Fall/Winter 2006, Vol. 45:3     
Joseph Cardinal Bernardin: A Commemoration
Summer 2006, Vol. 45:2
Living in Structures of Committed Love
Spring 2006, Vol. 45:1
Cor Sapientis Quaerit Doctrinam: Studies in Honor of Rev. Charles R. Meyer on the Occasion of His Sixtieth Anniversary of Priestly Ordination


Fall/Winter 2005, Vol. 44:3
Dei Verbum at Forty: Praying, Preaching, Reflecting and Studying the Word of God
Summer 2005, Vol. 44:2
Interreligious Dialogue: Nostra Aetate at Forty
Spring 2005, Vol. 44:1
The Catholic Parish: Pastoral and Theological Perspectives


Fall/Winter 2004, Vol 43:3
The Catholic Theological Imagination: A Centennial Celebration
Summer 2004, Vol. 43:2        
The Catholic as Citizen: Some Election Year Perspectives
Spring 2004, Vol. 43:1               
Human Suffering as a Theological and Pastoral Dilemma


Fall/ Winter 2003, Vol. 42:3
Native American Catholic Experience
Summer 2003, Vol. 42:2
Catholicism in American Culture II
Spring 2003, vol. 42:1
Catholicism in American Culture I


Spring 1965, Vol. 4:1


Fall 1964, Vol. 3:2
Spring 1964, Vol. 3:1


Winter 1963, Vol. 2:3
Fall 1963, Vol. 2:2
Spring 1963, Vol. 2:1


Fall 1962, Vol. 1:2
Spring 1962, Vol. 1:1

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