Chicago Studies Style Sheet

The following guidelines for submission of an article will aid us in transferring your work from your e-mail attachment to our system.

  • Type manuscripts in double space–including quotes and other indented matter–with a ragged right margin (unjustified).
  • Please use “Times New Roman” in 12 point as your font.
  • Articles can range anywhere from 3,500 to 5,000 words (exceptions to this can be discussed).
  • Please remove all page numbers
  • Any necessary references should appear as end notes.  References to cited sacred texts should be included parenthetically in the text: e.g., (Gen. 1:26-27). Turabian  (University of Chicago) formatting of notes is preferred, but any style may be used as long as they are consistent.
  • Use a hard-right (return button) only when ending a paragraph, after a title or subhead, or when necessary for a poetic break.
  • Please do not hyphenate words.  The only hyphens that should be used are those that are required, such as hyphenated words, and between dates, pages, or scripture verses.  There should be no space before or after a dash.
  • Avoid using the l (letter “l”) for 1 (one), or O (letter “O”) for 0 (zero).
  • If you want something in italics, use italics function; please do not underline it.
  • Type all titles and first level subheads flush left; use upper and lower case (not all capitals) followed by a period.  (NB:  First level subheads should be inserted at the beginning of each major section of the manuscript, including the introduction.)  Type second level subheads indented one tab (5 spaces), upper and lower case.  Insert two double line spaces between the last line of a paragraph and the following subhead.
  • Save your manuscript in Microsoft Word.
  • Please submit your article as an e-mail attachment.